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Since I am in the midst of preparing for a VERY new New Year, my posts will be sporadic, at best.  I love change.  I really don’t mind moving, impromptu travel, or anything that involves changing places and/or environments.  Yes, it’s hectic, and stressful.  But, every time I do it, I feel renewed.  Unopened boxes are old things becoming new again, being “surprises” (even though I mark every box carefully).  Sometimes, things disappear during one move, only to magically show up again in the next one.  Changes in living circumstances also provide new challenges.  Since I married almost 10 years ago, we have moved 6 times, so my attitude towards change is a good one.  And, I’m looking forward to moving again in the near future.  But, while this year won’t be the “moving” year, it will bring different circumstances into our household, a new energy.

For me, this will be a personal year 8.  Year 7 has been a rough one, physically, financially, and emotionally.  7 years tend to be very introspective, and this one certainly was that.   Illness kept me housebound much of the time, depression was problematic.  I had to re-define myself in terms of who I was and what I wanted from my life.  And, as the year comes to a close, I look back and see that I followed the 7 pattern.  I’m glad it is over.  But, I’m looking forward to this 8 year, as it is a year of personal expansion.

In 2011, we will have my oldest son with us for awhile as he researches his dissertation.  Where we live is close to several of his alma maters, with the research centers associated with them.  We have quite a bit of unused space, so part of that space will become a temporary apartment for him.  Both my husband and myself are looking forward to having him with us.

This upcoming year will be the year my husband finishes his graduate degree.  His comprehensive exams will be about half-way through the year.  For him, the upcoming year is a 2 year, a time for taking care of details, a year requiring patience, which coincides with what he will be experiencing this coming year, since the most difficult classes are during the final non-comp semester.

These two changes, plus the many more that are on our plates this upcoming year, will make it interesting and challenging.

There is a lot more to numerology than just the personal year number.  I think it is interesting, sometimes true—but only so much as one puts energy into change and development.  I think some years, I am stronger than other years.  Just like some days, I am stronger than other days, which seem to have little to do with what is going on around me.   A lot of people consider it to be a bunch of baloney, but, to me, there is some merit in mystical systems, such as numerology and astrology—not the simplistic and generic everyday sort one reads in books, online, or the newspaper,  but the personalized sort.  Do I think my life is determined solely by numbers and the stars?  No…but, neither do I discount vibrational tendencies in the universe.

So, I’m looking forward to this coming year, not only for the challenges involved, but the hope.  Every day is like a gift ready to be opened.  Sometimes, the gift doesn’t fit.  Sometimes, the gift is ugly.  Sometimes, I think “what in the heck is this for”.  But, most of the time, it is a perfect fit, and I welcome it with anticipation and open arms.


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