10 Things That Really Grind My Gears About Right-Wing Fundies   2 comments

I’m a fan of Family Guy. A big fan. My daughter thinks the show is just “gross”. Which it is. But, I like it anyway. So, I’m going to go Peter on ya’ll and list the TOP 10 THINGS THAT REALLY GRIND MY GEARS about Right Wing Fundamentalists:

Ready? Ok, here we go: 10 Things that Really Grind My Gears about Right Wing Fundies:

1. Religious folk, specifically people I hardly know, who attempt to make it look like they are tempering down their unasked- for rhetoric by telling me they “love” me (as in “agape”; they usually add this as if I know nothing). I don’t “love” them, even in the “agape” sense, and I don’t want them professing to “love” me. News Flash: Unless you are my friend or in my family, I do NOT want to hear this word in ANY form. The 60’s are over. Add to this people who say they will pray that I will come to know this “agape love”. 
2.Islamophobia. Or any of the many phobias held by these folk.
3.Christine O’Donnell. I would have been more likely to support her if she actually was involved in “witchcraft”. And Sarah Palin’s voice. Actually, Sarah Palin anything. Peas in a pod belong under the same number.
4.Right-wing fundamentalist wingnuts who think they are going to, not only save souls, but save the nation. And are noisy, arrogant, and intolerant about it. And who get all their ideas from the bible or FOX.
5.Ministers who do not minister, but place themselves above those they are supposed to serve. And get rich doing it. Even those who put themselves under the rubric “motivational speaker”.
6.People who talk down to me about religion. Usually, in my experience, that has been men.  But, I’ve seen bible verses garbled and mangled towards others who have more knowledge in their little fingers than these fundies have in their whole experience.  I can think of 4 people right off who have this done to them on a regular basis.  For myself, this happens ONCE before they get the “treatment”. If the treatment doesn’t work, they are out of my life. Unless they are family. Then they get the continued treatment until I’ve had enough. FYI: that will not be 70 x 7.
7.People who make every statement a statement about “the lord”. Do they do this in all their conversations and/or writing? Is that their way of “witnessing”? Please, spare me.
8.Fundamentalists who beat me over the head with scriptures from the Bible as they attempt to prove the bible is truth instead of myth. This includes people who try to overwhelm me with their “biblical knowledge”. Knock Knock… Is anyone home? What part of “scholarly approach” do you not understand? That it is good instruction, that it is a source of history, that it has some wisdom to it, I’ll acknowledge. That’s as far as it goes.
9.People who insist that it is “Merry Christmas” instead of “Happy Holidays”. HELLO!!!???? Several religions have holy days or holidays around this time…not just “Christians”.
10.FOX News. Period. And all those on it. This one would include Rush and Glenn.And all those of their ilk.  Thank goodness Comedy Central carries Family Guy.   Unedited.  Because #10 ties with #1.

So, there it is. My morning vent. Someone may say, “Get over it”. Sorry. But, when these people stop annoying me, then I’ll get over it.

I’m sure there will be additions, and I have other “top tens” for other things. These were just this morning’s button pushers.


2 responses to “10 Things That Really Grind My Gears About Right-Wing Fundies

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  1. Wow, I just became your biggest fan (well, I suppose I should accede that right to your kids, but still…) . Great post!

    Found your blog through a rather circuitous route: The blog Unreasonable Faith linked one of your son James’ posts on the death of Dr. Ken Pulliam. His blog linked here and this was the first post I read.

    Great writing. It’s not often I end up adding two blogs to my reader in the same month, let alone the same day. Thanks to both you and James!

  2. Thanks, Roger! You are my very first comment. You will find that James and I disagree on some things (I am far more liberal than he), but we respect each other’s opinions. He writes far more regularly than I do, but I hope to post at least twice a week. Thanks, again. This really made my day in a good way (-:

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